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Tahfiz Al-Qur'an
Version: 2.2

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Learn to Recite and Memorize the Holy Qur'an through an Advanced Educational Approach

Now you can memorize the Holy Qur'an and learn its correct recitation. The program is designed for all family members, Arabs and non-Arabs.

ThfQrn_2.2_03.jpg (24231 bytes)The program teaches the pronunciation of Arabic sounds and explains the recitation rules in an interesting way. It also applies an advanced educational method to help the user memorize the Holy Qur'an by listening to and repeating after the tutor. 

The program has two sections:

The Educational Section:

This section includes the following:

  • Evaluation test to determine the user's beginning level and to tell the user where to start. For example, if the user knows the Arabic alphabet, he can start learning the recitation rules.

  • Teaching the Arabic alphabet with different vowel marks. Many examples are given to illustrate how each letter is pronounced at the beginning, middle or end of a word.

  • Teaching the pronunciation of Arabic words starting with two letter words, then three letter words and so on. Thus the teaching process proceeds in a gradual and cumulative way.

  • Teaching the rules of recitation and helping the user pronounce Qur'anic verses correctly. The tutor will guide you in this process, giving you a chance to repeat after him.

  • After each level, the program introduces a number of exercises and tests to evaluate the user's comprehension of the lessons he studies.

ThfQrn_2.2_04.jpg (25748 bytes)The Practice Section:

  • This section provides the following:

  • Displaying the Qur'anic text and highlighting the recited verse and the letters that have special rules of recitation. Recitation of the whole Qur'anic text is recorded by Sheikh Al-Husari.

  • The user can go on memorizing the Holy Qur'an verse by verse or by a group of verses at once. Color-voice synchronization is used to highlight the verse that is currently pronounced.

  • The user can record his recitation and compare it to that of the Sheikh. This way the user learns where he makes mistakes, and thus can improve his recitation.

  • The program features a display of pages of the Holy Qur'an according to the mushaf of Medina or the Indonesian mushaf, which helps the user undertake the memorization process easily with the format he is familiar with.

  • The user can add a bookmark of the location where he is studying, so that he can retrieve it later to continue his memorization.

  • The program links the memorization lessons to the lessons on rules of recitation. So, the user, while memorizing the Holy Qur'an, can review the relevant rule.

  • A display of the recitation rules is included in every verse.

  • A display of the Holy Qur'an by chapters or parts.

  • A display of the Arabic tafsir of all Qur'anic verses through Tafsir Al-Muntakhab, enabling the user to both memorize and understand the Holy Qur'an.

  • The program is intuitive and the user easily moves around through the indices of chapters, parts or lessons.

  • The program is available in Arabic, English, German, Indonesian, Turkish, French and Malay.

  • Translations of the meanings of the Holy Qur'an are available in all above-mentioned languages.

  • In the main screen the user chooses an interface language, so he can use the program in his native tongue.

Legally reviewed and approved by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.
The program runs under Windows 95, 98 and 2000.

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