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VoxSphere  VoxSphere is an advanced IVR platform for speech-based applications. Print E-mail

VoxSphere is an advanced IVR platform for speech-based applications. It provides the capability to integrate 

computer telephony interfaces with automated speech applications, which can be used for sales, payment 

processing, services, data collections, inquiry processing, customer support and various call center activities.

VoxSphere V1.0

IVR platform for medium and large-scale Applications

VoxSphere IVR offers the following features and capabilities:
  • Fully compliant with VoiceXML, with widely accepted industry extensions
  • Fully compliant with GrXML
  • Support for DTMF and speech-activated applications
  • Support for integration with automatic speech recognition (ASR) engines
  • Support for integration with Text to Speech (TTS) engines
  • Support for multiple parallel languages
  • Onboard call recording for the entire call session using software tools without the need for additional recording equipment
  • Inbound & Outbound calls
  • Call bridging, transfer and conferencing
  • Pre-defined grammar for common dialogues such as credit card processing, addresses, etc.
  • Flexible user-created grammar and dialogues
  • Support for SIP/VoIP, ISDN, T1, PRI, Loop-start and analog telephony
  • Support for NMS Communications and Dialogic Computer Telephony Interfaces
  • Support for speech, noise and silence detection
  • Open database interface for speech applications
  • Support for Dialed number information service (DNIS)
  • Advanced Platform Management Module for managing alerts, maintenance and system administration functions
  • Highly configurable system parameters
  • High availability and system reliability
  • Scalable to protect customer investment and manage business growth
  • Distributed architecture for highly flexible server-configuration changes
  • Detailed statistical reports for:
    • Incoming Calls
    • Outgoing Calls
    • Call Duration
    • Transfer Duration
    • Conference Duration
    • Total Calls (incoming, outgoing, transfers, conferences; and any combination)
    • Total Live Calls
    • Real Time Call Status
    • If outgoing call was busy
    • If outgoing call was picked up by VoiceMail
    • All user interactions including DTMF, ASR, etc.
    • Call Control details

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