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"Learn Arabic" Level 1
"Learn Arabic" Level 2

"Learn Arabic" Level 3
"Learn Arabic" Level 4
"Learn Arabic" Level 5

Makes Learning Arabic Simple

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System Requirements:

IBM Compatible 486 or Higher.
MS Windows 95/98/2000/XP or Higher
Sound Card 16 Bit & Speakers
CD ROM Driver
High Color.
Some Sections May Require Arabic Windows Settings

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Learn Arabic
The Easy Way to Learn Arabic as a Second Language

Learning such a rich language has never been easier before. people around the world used to think Arabic as a mysterious language and considered it very difficult to learn. Scholars, Orientalists, Non-native Arabic speaking muslims and business people wanted to learn Arabic each for his own motive. But no effective interactive materials were available until at last, SakhrMedia has developed the anticipated program, "Learn Arabic". Hence, learning Arabic has become very simple and enjoyable for all age groups; it will enable the user to write, speak and understand everyday Arabic words in no time.


Consists of 6 main sections; Dialogue, Vocabulary, Grammar, Drills, Games and Activities.

Trains the user on conversation practice.

Provides drafts writing of newly introduced words in each lesson.

Contains more than 10 types of interactive drills with multilevel of difficulty.

Makes use of authentic materials as it leads the user to the world of books, newspapers, magazines, television and radio record.

Includes live video clips, photos, clip arts, sound effects and narration for every day life interactions.

Follows the ACTFL standards of language teaching.
Price $79.95

"Learn Arabic" Level 1 - Order Now
"Learn Arabic" Level 2 - Order Now
"Learn Arabic" Level 3 - Order Now
"Learn Arabic" Level 4 - Order Now
"Learn Arabic" Level 5 - Order Now

Buy Levels 1 through 5 CD Bundle and SAVE - Price - Order Now

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"Learn Arabic" for Beginners - Price - Order Now

Learning Arabic

Multilingual Dictionaries

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For non-native beginners who, apart
from the Arabic alphabet, know very
little or no Arabic. Second generation
Arabs who have been exposed to

Arabic in an informal setting, but have
never studied the language in a formal
style. Moslems who are familiar with
the Arabic script, through the Holy
Koran, and are interested in learning
the Arabic language

World Translator Arabic English Bidirectional Dictionary

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