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Sakhr Enterprise Translation ( SET )

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Sakhr Enterprise Translation
SET is a Machine Translation (MT) solution that enables the user to automatically translate any sentence, paragraph or document from Arabic to English and vice versa using the state-of-the-art NLP technology. It is a transfer-based MT engine that performs extensive analysis on all linguistic levels with the aim to understand the input text and hence resolve all kinds of ambiguities prior to translation.

Now the latest release of SET 5.1 has a lot of enhancements in addition to the following basic services:

Instant Translation
Sakhr machine translation engine uses state-of-the-art NLP technology. It is a transfer-based MT engine that performs extensive analysis on all linguistic levels: morphological, lexical, syntactic and semantic, with the aim to understand the input text and hence resolve all kinds of ambiguities prior to translation. The engine is a full-fledged integrated system embedding all of Sakhr NLP processors and driven by two sets of formal grammars and lexicons.

Within the SET solution, Sakhr machine translation engine refers to enterprise-specific terminology in a glossary of terms, prior to accessing its own transfer lexicons. The translation engine also searches the enterprise-specific translation memory prior to automatically translating any sentence.

Glossary of terms
This service provides a centralized, enterprise-specific terminology glossary. The contents of the glossary can be searched and viewed by any user on the enterprise’s intranet. The addition of new terms and update of already present terms can only be achieved through the administrator and is controlled by password verification. Consistency checks guarantee that there is no repetition of any term in the glossary.
The translations of the terms added to the glossary are immediately used by Sakhr automatic translation engine in subsequent operations.

File translation
This service allows the enterprise’s intranet users to translate files through Sakhr automatic translation engine. The file translation handles text, rtf, html and doc formats and performs translation from Arabic to English and vice versa. Web page translation is performed in such a way to preserve the original layout and adjust the direction from right to left.

The file translation module can be either installed on the client side or the server side in order to avoid any bottlenecks in the translation traffic.

Translation Memory
SET provides a facility to build and manage a company-specific Translation Memory. A translation memory is a database of aligned source and target language sentences. During automatic translation, if a sentence subject to translation was found in the translation memory, the system will automatically use the target sentence from there. The administrator can create, add, delete and update the translation memories.

Integration with Other Systems
SET comes with a documented, easy-to-use SDK that allows software developers to incorporate SET's real-time translation into any application. Translation-embedded applications can run on translators' desktop and smoothly connect to the server where SET's translation engines reside. Bi-directional translation, fine-tuned with translation memories and custom glossaries, is then available to the translation team. SET SDK contains a proprietary DLL to add full text translation to any application. For your convenience, SET SDK's functions are available in COM form. SET SDK COM uses SET SDK DLL; it is a wrapper for SET SDK DLL.

SET 5.1 New Features:

As part of Sakhr commitment to offer the latest technologies in the translation products, Sakhr announces the release of a new version of its Sakhr Enterprise Translation System SET (5.1). The new version has the following new features:
    a) Medical Term Dictionary: This version is equipped with a medical term dictionary for translating all medical texts.
    b) Program License This version can be licensed for a limited number of users. The program license is expired after a certain number of uses.
    c) Template-based matching: A new mechanism that enhances the opportunity of matching stored translations with new source text. For example, if you stored in the translation memory the sentence "I will come on Sunday" along with its translation, and SET encounters the sentence "I will come on Monday", the system will use the stored translation and replace the translation of "Sunday" with the translation of "Monday" automatically. This also applies to numbers, days of the week, months, and colors so SET can recognize source sentences as 100% matches to previously translated similar ones stored in the translation memory.
    d) Support for Word XML format: SET 5.1 enables the user to translate, extract a glossary or a translation memory from word files saved in XML format. This is in addition to the previously handled formats: HTML, TXT, DOC, and RTF.
    e) Easy-to-use integrated translation memory builder: A built-in tool that automatically generates translation memories from pairs of already translated documents. The generated translation memories can then be used to quickly adapt SET to the style and needs of each corporate or company. SET 5.1 comes with more features to handle huge files while creating a translation memory. The user can divide huge files into several pages to extract a translation memory from them with more facilities in navigating these pages.
    f)Java Script handling for web site translation: Beside the translation of simple web pages, SET 5.1 can translate complicated web pages that contain Java Scripts. SET not only handles translatable text in the script without changing the code or variables but makes necessary changes so the translated pages can be viewed properly.
    g) Integrated Sakhr Corrector: No more need to spell check documents in a separate process prior to translating them. SET 5.1 has integrated version of Sakhr Corrector that automatically detects and corrects spelling mistakes, common Arabic mistakes, and grammatical mistakes.
    h) Boosting SET scalability and performance: SET 5.1 can be installed on a cluster of servers to make balance in distributing the load of translating files on the servers according to their performance. Thus a great number of files can be translated in less time.
    i) Latest version of the MT engine: Coverage of more linguistic rules and updates on the system lexicon. Better handling of user glossaries as the user can now add more information related to each term which ensures better integration of user glossaries in SET.

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Please contact George N. Hallak
for more info about Sakhr Enterprise Solutions pricing models.

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