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What's New in Microsoft Office 2000

Streamline the Way You Work with People and Information

Microsoft Office 2000 is the exciting new Office suite that helps you get better results. With new tools that use Web technology to enhance collaboration capabilities, Office 2000 makes it possible for you to significantly improve your workgroup productivity and more efficiently access and analyze important business information. Office 2000 also provides new levels of intelligence and integration, making it easier to use and manage than ever before.

What's New in Microsoft Office 2000 gives you a glimpse of some of the new features of Office 2000.

Streamlined Information Sharing and Collaboration

Collaboration and the ability to share information quickly are vital to business success. Office 2000 delivers great new tools for the Web that enhance your personal productivity and the productivity of your workgroup.

Universal Document Viewing
With Office 2000, you can save Office documents in HTML file format and retain the fidelity of your native Office file format. By saving as HTML, you ensure that anyone with a Web browser can view your documents. Editing those documents is not a problem either because Office 2000 allows you to "round trip" them back into the original Office program without losing any of the rich functionality of the Office file formats.

Example of Excel spreadsheet saved in HTML and viewed in a browser

Save to the Web
Office 2000 also simplifies publishing your Office documents to your intranet or to an Internet site. New File Open and File Save dialog boxes make saving documents to a Web server as easy as saving them to your hard disk or to a file server.

Web Themes
Business users are now creating Web pages to serve many different purposes on the Internet or for their team's intranet. To make this easier, we have introduced over 30 new design themes in Office 2000. These themes come with graphical backgrounds, bullets, and other design elements that make creating Web pages in Office as straightforward as creating documents.

Web Discussions
With Office 2000, workgroup members can collaborate on projects across intranets and the Web in threaded discussions that you can insert in any part of a document and view in a Web browser.

Document including threaded discussion

Outlook Web Shortcuts
When Web page links are sent to you in e-mail, they can be opened directly within the view pane in Microsoft Outlook®, giving you a quick look at your business information. Likewise, with the Enhanced Outlook Bar, you can host links to commonly visited Web pages, documents, and even applications in the Outlook toolbar.

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Learning Arabic

Rosetta Stone Arabic

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For non-native beginners who, apart
from the Arabic alphabet, know very
little or no Arabic. Second generation
Arabs who have been exposed to

Arabic in an informal setting, but have
never studied the language in a formal
style. Moslems who are familiar with
the Arabic script, through the Holy
Koran, and are interested in learning
the Arabic language

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