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Sakhr's Bilingual Dictionary Al Qamoos (Ajeeb)

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The Language Tools In One Package
New for Windows XP Edition
(Must Enable Arabic Language First)

The Dictionary (Al Qamoos in Arabic) program adds a new dimension to the concept of electronic dictionaries, providing entertaining feature in addition to being an educational reference tool. The Dictionary is a unique achievement in the field
of computational linguistics by providing the capability of free search through vocabulary and expressions of bidirectional Arabic and English. The Dictionary comprises six dictionaries:

Arabic English Dictionary English Arabic Dictionary Arabic Synonym Dictionary
English Synonym Dictionary Arabic Antonym Dictionary English Antonym Dictionary

In addition, the Dictionary contains more than 500,000 final Arabic words and a similar number of English
words. The Dictionary includes 25,000 Arabic and 27,000 English synonyms with 10,000 Arabic and 5000 English antonyms.

The program provides different levels of complexity due to the arrangement of entries of the Dictionary into various collections to meet the needs of the Arabic professional translator or by users at home, work and
school. The Dictionary provides outstanding capabilities to easily search for English and Arabic words, synonyms, antonyms and common expressions. It, moreover, provides displays of Dictionary material
including stems and their derivatives, roots, word categories, affixes .....etc.

In the field of education, the Dictionary allows students to improve their English and Arabic vocabulary at
different levels of complexity. Thus, the user can learn new vocabulary through exercises such as filling in the blank gaps, separating an odd element from among similar items, arranging sentence, word and identifying
a correct element among incorrect ones.

Furthermore, the Dictionary does not overlook the entertainment aspect by providing four of the most common word games: Crosswords, Word Race, the Missing Letter and Password. These games can be displayed at various levels of complexity so that the Arab user can enjoy himself with learning.

With the dawn of the twenty first century, the world is fast becoming a small global village, with overwhelming communication systems and paramount globalization concepts. With these developments comes an increasing need for breaking the language barriers that exist between nations. Printed dictionaries, which once served as bridges across the language barriers, are now cumbersome and outdated with their manual search capabilities.

Sakhr's Multilingual Dictionary is a language independent electronic dictionary that currently supports Arabic
and English

Each language offers 250,000 to 500,000 entries, while other languages and additional entries will be added
in future versions of the Dictionary. It is the ideal electronic companion for translation firms, high school and university students, linguistic researchers, governmental institutes, home and office users, international trading companies, or anyone else looking for some translation help in his daily work and life.

The user can get the meaning of any word entry, in addition to its synonyms, antonyms, and its translation in the other languages supported by the Dictionary. The user may also find additional information such as morphological descriptions, word origins, explanatory images, examples, etc. The Dictionary also provides suggestions for incorrectly typed words, and audio pronunciation for all words featured in the Dictionary. In order to optimize usage of the Dictionary, it is designed to work on any Arabic Windows 95 or NT workstation version. Now, the new version will work with any MS Windows 2000 and XP as long as Arabic is Enabled and set as the "Default" Language of Operating System (Windows), prior to installing the Dictionary.

The Dictionary also features two very interesting word games that serve as both entertainment and training tools.

Based on Sakhr's in-depth morphological and computational linguistic research, and its detailed study of the most favorable educational and instructional methods, the Dictionary is one of the most powerful electronic dictionaries and reference works available. Multilingual version is Arabic
and English.

System Requirements:

Al Qamoos Dictionary Bilingual version works on any MS Arabic Windows.
If you are running MS Windows 2000 or XP,  "
Enable Arabic and set as the Default Language"
of the Windows Operating System, Prior to Installation of the
Bilingual Dictionary Qamoos
from Sakhr and Ajeeb technology.

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