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Don't Worry Baba لا تقلق يا بابا

Product Description

Jude spends the day with her father and finds out that Dads can get in trouble too. It is a lucky day for Jude's Father when Jude decides to go shopping with him. In this hilarious story the roles are reversed and Jude's father gets into one mishap after another. Jude steps in to help her father time and time again.

Halazone' Series: A series about Jude a strong willed resourceful girl who is always getting in trouble. The young reader gets to know Jude her family and friends and her everyday joys and trouble Written by: Taghreed A. Najjar Illustrated by: Lujaina al Asseel ISBN: 9957-04-028-6 Publisher: Dar Asalwa Pages: 24

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