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Multimedia Titles for Learning the Arabic Language

Rosetta Stone and AramediA
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Rosetta Stone - Arabic
Level I & II  PC / Mac

Over $50.00 Discount,
When Purchased Together

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The Rosetta Stone Arabic Language Tutor

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Rosetta Stone Arabic Level I PC/Mac

Future's Learn Arabic
from English, German, French,
Portuguese, Arabic PC/Mac
Tell Me More - Learn Arabic
Beginner, Intermediate Advanced
or Bundle Both and
Rosetta Stone Arabic Level II PC/Mac
Persian Tutor. ptcdani.gif (18256 bytes) ame.jpg (10799 bytes) Sakhr Learn Arabic. Learn Arabic Level 1. slearnarabic1b.gif (18886 bytes)
Persian Tutor
Arabic Made Easy
Egyptian Dialect
Sakhr's Learn Arabic Learn Arabic Level 1
Talk Now Learn Arabic Flash Cards, tnlarabicall.gif (22150 bytes)

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Talk Now I&II Plus Flash Card
PC & Mac
Let's Learn Arabic
from German, French, English
Speak Hebrew Words and Meanings

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Learn Arabic Level 3, level3sm.jpg (7550 bytes)

Learn Arabic Level 4, level4sm.jpg (7181 bytes)

Sakhr Media Learn Arabic Level 5, level5sm.jpg (10848 bytes)

Learn Arabic Level 2 Learn Arabic Level 3 Learn Arabic Level 4 Learn Arabic Level 5
AB01b.jpg (4502 bytes) Arabic Typing Tutor. stypingt.jpg (6717 bytes) Arabic Dictionary. sqamoos.jpg (5610 bytes) Arabic Dictionary. sqamoos.jpg (5610 bytes)
Alefon Ba'on Arabic Typing Tutor Bilingual Arabic/English Multilingual Dictionary

Learn Arabic Dictation. 15.gif (8625 bytes)

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Arabic Dictation Arabic Grammar Hieroglyphs Made Easy Arabic Morphology
Jump Start Arabic Children Multimedia Titles Adults Too
Jump Start Children Series. 3rdgrade.jpg (6403 bytes) Jump Start second grade. 2ndgrades.jpg (5758 bytes) Jump Start Childeren Series. 1887824200(1)s.jpg (7958 bytes)

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Third Grade Second Grade Toddler Pre-Kindergarten
Jump Start First Grade, 1887824235s.jpg (7627 bytes) Jump Start K G. 1887824227s.jpg (7982 bytes) Jump Start Preschool. 1887824219s.jpg (7855 bytes) My First Thousand Words. 1000words.jpg (7180 bytes)
First grade Kindergarten Pre-School First Thousand Words
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More to Come..

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Electronic Vocabulary Exercises, Bishai's EVE-2000
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Learning Arabic

Universal Word 2000

Universal Translator  

For non-native beginners who, apart
from the Arabic alphabet, know very
little or no Arabic. Second generation
Arabs who have been exposed to

Arabic in an informal setting, but have
never studied the language in a formal
style. Moslems who are familiar with
the Arabic script, through the Holy
Koran, and are interested in learning
the Arabic language

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