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Acrobat X Standard

Acrobat X
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Acrobat X Professional

Communicate and collaborate with the essential PDF solution.

Adobe® Acrobat® X Professional software enables business professionals to reliably create, combine, and control Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution, collaboration, and data collection.

Adobe Acrobat X Comparison Chart

Acrobat X features Reader Standard Pro
View, print, and search Adobe PDF files yes yes yes
Use Start Meeting to collaborate online and share documents in real time with Adobe Acrobat Connect™ software yes yes yes
Create PDF documents from any application that prints, including one-button creation from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint no yes yes
Protect PDF documents with passwords and 128-bit encryption no yes yes
Apply restrictions on printing, copying, and altering PDF documents no yes yes
Create PDF documents with one-button ease from Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Publisher, and Access, as well as Lotus Notes no yes yes
Combine files from multiple applications into a single PDF document no yes yes
Combine multiple files into a searchable, sortable PDF package that maintains the individual security settings and digital signatures of the original PDF files no yes yes
Use familiar commenting tools including sticky notes, highlighter, lines, shapes, and stamps no yes yes
Conduct shared document reviews that allow review participants to see one another's comments no yes yes
Compile comments from all reviewers into a single PDF document and sort, filter, and print as needed for easy reconciliation no yes yes
Authenticate and certify PDF documents with digital signatures no yes yes
Scan paper documents into PDF and automatically recognize text with optical character recognition (OCR) no yes yes
Save Adobe PDF files as Microsoft Word documents, retaining the layout, fonts, formatting, and tables, to facilitate reuse of content no yes yes
Complete tasks more quickly with a streamlined user interface, new customizable toolbars, and a "Getting Started" page to visually direct you to commonly used features no yes yes
Find hidden information, including metadata, annotations, attachments, form fields, layers, and bookmarks, and delete as needed no yes yes
Permanently delete sensitive information, including specific text or illustrations, with redaction tools no no yes
Create PDF documents with one-button ease from AutoCAD®, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Project (Windows® only) no no yes
Preserve document layers in technical drawings in Visio and AutoCAD, and object data in Visio (Windows only) no no yes
Create fillable PDF forms from scanned paper, existing PDF documents, Microsoft Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets no no yes
Automatically recognize form fields on static PDF documents and convert them to interactive fields that can be filled electronically by anyone using free Adobe Reader® software† no no yes
Enable Adobe Reader† users to participate in reviews with complete commenting and markup tools, including sticky notes, highlighter, lines, shapes, and stamps no no yes
Enable Adobe Reader† users to fill and save PDF forms locally for offline use‡ no no yes
Enable Adobe Reader† users to digitally sign PDF documents no no yes
Convert 3D designs from virtually any CAD file to highly compressed PDF documents for use by extended teams without expensive CAD or viewer software no no no
Include PMI data with 3D designs in PDF documents for use by extended teams no no no
Export precise geometry from PDF files into neutral file formats such as STEP or IGES for downstream use in CAD, CAM, and CAE applications no no no
Insert 3D CAD designs into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and convert the files to PDF no no no
Create rich, interactive documents with 3D content: Clean up CAD designs, add materials, create exploded views, edit lighting, and save as 3D objects or 2D raster/vector images no no no

†Requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or 8.

‡For ad hoc forms distribution and data collection for up to 500 people.
Acrobat X Standard || Acrobat X Professional

Adobe Acrobat X is now available for Middle Eastern languages

These dedicated versions of Acrobat X gather all the characteristics of the US versions plus enhanced and advanced features to handle Middle Eastern languages (Right to Left direction, non-Roman text, Hindi digits, etc.)

Grenoble, France - August 5, 2008 - Global IT giant, Adobe Systems Incorporated, and multilingual software publisher, WinSoft, have jointly released today the Middle Eastern versions of Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard and Professional. These releases represent a significant upgrade that transforms the process of creating and sharing electronic documents for the Middle Eastern users.

Middle Eastern languages are rarely supported by global software due to, among others, the bi-directional and non Roman text particularities. WinSoft adapted and localized Acrobat X for these specific languages by adding locale-specific components.

Middle Eastern users will be able to enjoy the full functionalities of Acrobat X software plus exclusive features. Acrobat X Middle Eastern versions deliver major innovations that enable organizations and individuals to communicate in an engaging, professional manner.

For organizations worldwide, Acrobat X helps address today's critical challenge of communicating with widely dispersed teams of colleagues, partners and customers in a compelling way. "Middle Eastern languages are used in international environment. Hence, it is particularly important that Middle Eastern and also global firms possess tools that handle and display these languages correctly to communicate in a rapid and reliable way." said Edouard Winckel, WinSoft sales manager. "Acrobat X Middle Eastern versions will enable everybody to communicate the right information, correctly displayed, around the world, rapidly and securely."

Marketing manager can use Acrobat X Middle Eastern version to convert web pages to PDF documents. The text will appear in the correct script and layout. The PDF file can be shared for review and comment with others who are using free Adobe Reader® X software, which is expected to launch up to twice as fast as earlier versions.

In addition, they can either modify the text using the TouchUp tool as well as copy/paste it. The specific properties of these tools handle non-Roman text, digits, ligature options and right-to-left paragraph direction.

Then, user can easily search and replace specific occurrences of Middle Eastern text in PDF Documents, Bookmarks, Notes and other Comments.

Also included, for Roman text only, is native support for Adobe Flash® technology. In addition, users can unify a wide range of content in rich PDF Portfolios. PDF Portfolios enable them to assemble multiple media types into one, compressed PDF file that can be customized with several professional layouts and specific branding.

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